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Ask Fluffy Marshmellow

That's right ask Fluffy Marshmellow it won't hurt. Ask about nething love, life, and beliefs you have. Fluffy marshmellow will answer to the best of its ability. But remember peeps it is a Marshmellow.

Radom Questions??

Love Question from JB:
Dear Fluffy
I make out with this boy I like all the time, and I'm starting to have feelings for him. But I don't know if he has feelings for me. How do I know if he is just using me to make out or if he wants a serious relationship?

Hey there JB the Fluffmaster is here to help. In order to see if this guy is for real you have to test him. Next time he comes over to just make out, say instead that you would rather talk about your relationship. If he seems bummed and uninterested than you know that he wasn't in it for love. However if he shows that he wants to know where things are heading too, well than you might just have a keeper!!! Best of luck!!
Fluffy Marshmellow

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