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This page is all about shhhh...
It's where you'll find gossip about nething from your school to the hottest music act. It's where you can share your deepest feelings anonymously and get feedback on what to do...SHHH don't tell

Also if theres rumors about entertainment or people you know (including yourslef) that you would like to clear up e-mail me and I will post it rumor clear-ups.

Entertainment News:

No Way...REALLY???

8-5-00 We're just getting started so if you have ne Entertainment gossip/news that you would like to share e-mail me with gossip in the subject line...shhhh

School Secrets:

Campus..Like Whoa

E-mail me gossip about ur school or other schools.. that your just dying to share. Is your school like a soap opera..if so email me. I know you just can't wait to get it off your chest.


E-mail me with rumors you would like to clearup or why you think some of these rumors are pure B.S.

E-mail me here:


Warning: Now remember to keep an open mind, becuz people do lie. So a lot of this stuff may not be decide.